Pierce “Piercester” Roe was born the night of Christmas (his mother always says he was a Christmas miracle) in the valley of the great Wabash River. His birth was the only remarkable thing in his early years: he learned to walk 4 months too late and could barely speak by the age of 5. Despite his early retardations Pierce grew up to be an exceptional young boy: he excelled in basketball, mostly due to his unusually tall stature, and flirted with poetry whenever he could. It was also during this time that Pierce discovered his love of movies while taking a film studies class. He often references his early education in movies to make others feel inferior about their opinions (and rightfully so, of course).

Pierce currently studies English education, a fact which he loves to point out when he corrects your grammar. He also continues to take film classes, recently stating that “it’s not worth going to my film lit class, the professor doesn’t know anything”. Although he tried to continue playing basketball through college, trying out for the Purdue Boilermakers, his “weak ankles” prohibited him from doing so. Pierce picked up walking in skinny jeans and Nikes as an alternative sport instead, meeting with his ‘not-hipster’ friends as often as possible to ‘exercise’ and discuss the latest least known director.  Pierce has many aspirations in life, but currently his countdown calendar is ticking off the days until he can meet with his plastic surgeon to reduce the size of his ears. You can reach pierce at pierce@3maap.com.


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