Pedro Jofre, a humble boy, spent his toddlerhood on the island of Dominica in the South Pacific. Armed with a keen eye for finding the worst in people (and voicing it), Pedro immigrated to America as a tween where he, to this day, finds it hard to maintain friendships outside of 3MAAP. In his free time, Pedro utilizes his petite frame to play indoor soccer with his fellow Dominicans. Another one of Pedro’s favorite activities is talking about how he’s a grad student, making sure that the other party feels he is inferior because of it. Whilst dozing off, instead of watching one of the two big screen televisions in his 50 square foot room, Pedro indulges in a bit of light reading. Among his favorites are classics such as “Everywhere and Everywhen: Adventures in Physics and Philosophy” and “Transport Phenomena.” What bothers Pedro the most is having to arrive somewhere on time as well as being interrupted on his way to the Apple store to get the latest (sheep) product which ensures his holier-than-thou image. Pedro hopes to be able to maintain his lackadaisical attitude towards time commitments while working on 3MAAP. You can contact him at

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