Pat was born to a loving mother and father in Door County, Wisconsin on March 17th, 1991.  He weighed in at 5 pounds, 2 ounces (slender for a boy).  He grew up in Carmél by the Lake, Indiana, where he developed his penchant for muscle milk, pastel polos, and calling everyone in sight, regardless of gender, “bro.”  To this day Pat still carries a twinkle in his eye, a shine which reflects his many days lying on the shores of Lake Carmél.  He also still maintains one of his early childhood nicknames, “Paddycake”, given to him by his family’s au pair who used to “pat” beats to various childrens’ lullabies on his “cakes,” or shapely buttocks.  Nowadays you can find pat participating in weightlifting competitions where he has developed a new set of characteristics: an obnoxiously loud voice, a smooth shaven body, and a girthy pair of shoulders.  Pat also enjoys playing the guitar and practices his hobby by serenading hung-over sorority girls on their “walk of shame.”   When he isn’t playing guitar or getting his swoll on, you can find Pat in computer labs on Purdue University’s campus practicing his nerd speak. Reach him at

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