Pedro’s Best of the Worst

There are some days that I can’t sit through a good movie, for whatever reason, I just can’t. It’s like Pat always says, “many good movies are a task to sit through”. I don’t know if I completely agree with Pat, but after a crappy day there’s nothing better than sitting down and watching a steaming pile of shit. These movies are great to laugh at, great to criticize, and in the end great to forget (or watch again if you choose to).

1) The Room

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve watched this movie. It’s groan out loud bad, full of terrible royalty free music, and never tries to make sense. Easily one of the most quotable movies out there, in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if you heard some drops from it every once in a while on the show.

2) Piranha 3DD

Now wait, is it Piranha 3D? 3 double D? 3DD? The internet hasn’t yet come to a consensus on this one, but what is known is that this movie manages to top its predecessor by including David Hasselhoff and a lot of strippers in the cast. I can’t wait for Piranha 4DDD

3) Gymkata

I have to thank Pierce for this one – he convinced me to watch it despite how hard I tried to leave. It ended up being a great waste of my time, and a true treasure in the world of B movies. It features an olympic gold gymnast as the United State’s best chance to get into Pakistan (or Iraq, or Khazakstan, I don’t really remember but it’s not pivotal to the movie).

4) The Immortals and Wrath of the Titans DOUBLE FEATURE

Yes, fact. I watched both of these movies on a particularly crummy night and guess what!? IT WAS AWESOME! Here’s the best part: I initially put in The Immortals thinking I was watching Wrath of the Titans, and for the first 30 minutes I was waiting for Sam Worthington to appear on screen. The best part is that the movie still made sense!

5) X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Here’s a big budget movie that really just dropped the bomb on the entire X-men series. It was going so well (at least well enough for me) until this movie came out. None of it made sense in the rest of the X-men story, and I’m glad that they stopped with just Wolverine.

Pedro’s Top Ten Movies

Here are my top ten, in no particular order. It was hard enough to try to come up with my top ten, there was no way I was going to order them given that they’re all so different. In the ¬†future I’ll add explanations to each of them. For the purpose of today, though, I thought I’d leave it up for interpretation as we talk our way through the list.



2001: A Space Odyssey:


Pulp Fiction:

A Knight’s Tale:

Les Choristes:

Life is Beautiful:

Cinema Paradiso:

The Matrix