Three Men and a Podcast is the show all about movies. We take a bit of a different spin from other “film-centric” podcasts, though. First off, in each episode we discuss two different movies as chosen by one of the Three Men for that week’s episode. We try to pick movies for the show that none of us have seen before so that our conversation can emulate that “fresh out of the theater” dialogue that many of us go to the theaters for in the first place. Usually we follow a specific criteria for picking the movies, i.e. a movie still in theaters and a similar movie that came out awhile ago, two films from the same director, etc. We always try to pick at least one movie, though, that anybody can listen to, regardless of if they’ve seen the film or not. After we talk about the two movies, we do a “Pick Your Poison” segment where we each give our personal recommendations of which of the two movies you, the viewer, should watch.

Our backgrounds are also pretty different from other film podcasters. For one, we’re all still in our early twenties, so we provide a younger, fresher outlook on cinema. Also, the tastes and viewing backgrounds that we each bring to the show are very different from one another. We each prefer different genres of movies and pick up on and focus on different aspects of films, which we think leads to pretty interesting discussion. At the same time, though, we like to keep our episodes simple and sweet as opposed to being overly nit-picky, hyper-analytic chores to get through. So give us a listen–we think you’ll really like the show. Let us know what you think in the comments section of any episode, through our e-mail (threemenandapodcast@gmail.com), or through a voice message that we will play on the show (check the “Voicemail” section for more info). As always, thanks for checking us out! We hope you enjoy our podcast!

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